Lectures and Courses (Audio and Video)

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Academic Courses

Crisis and Globalization

The Reconstruction of the Global Order

Delivered at Harvard University 6/2/2010

Full Lecture (Video)

The Worldwide Financial And Economic Crisis

Delivered at Brown University 6/9/2010

Lecture: Part 1 (Video)

Lecture: Part 2 (Video)


A Universe in which Everything Changes Sooner or Later

Audio recording given at the Boston Colloquium for Philosophy of Science on October 18, 2013. Related to the argument of the Singular Universe and the Reality of Time, with Lee Smolin, to be published by Cambridge University Press in the Fall of 2014.


Laws and Time in Cosmology

-Delivered at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics 5/20/2010

Full Lecture (Video)

South American Alternatives

Argentina y su Alternativa Nacional
- Delivered at Harvard University 4/15/2010
America Futura: Un Otro Rumbo
- Delivered in Salta, Argentina 5/15/2010

YouTube (The Complete Online Course Selection)

Visions of the Future

Roberto Mangabeira Unger's Political Engagement in Brazil

The Life and Work of Roberto Mangabeira Unger

The Moral Vision of Roberto Mangabeira Unger

Roberto Mangabeira Unger's Path Forward for Progressives

A documentary series by Robert Rippberger

The Task of the Social Innovation Movement

Full Video

An address, delivered in London on November 14, 2013, to a global meeting on social innovation organized by the Nesta Foundation

No One Should Have to Do Work that Can Be Done by a Machine

Full Video

A talk given at Harvard, January 31, 2013.

Brazil and the United States: Their National Futures

Full Trailer (Video)

A lecture delivered at Harvard, September 20, 2012.

The Russian National Project

Full Video

A talk given at Harvard, March 17, 2013.

China's Future: Five Fateful Choices

Full Video

Visions For The Future (trailer to a documentary)

Full Trailer (Video)

Roberto Mangabeira Unger on his theoretical work at Harvard and political work in Brazil. Coming 2012 in the Visions for the Future series by Robert Rippberger.

The Next Revolution in Legal Education

Full Trailer (Video)

A talk to a meeting of doctoral students in law, on March 24th 2012, on what legal education can and should become.

Beyond Stimulus

Full Lecture (Video)

Beyond Stimulus discusses a response to the aftermath of the economic and financial crisis that goes further than fiscal and monetary stimulus and lays a foundation for socially inclusive economic growth.

Beyond False Necessity

Full Lecture (Video)

Beyond False Necessity explores how we can enlarge the realm of the adjacent possible in both political and personal life.

Beyond The Small Life: A Letter to Young People

Full Lecture (Video)

This video addresses our response to irreparable flaws in the human condition.


A series of eight videos about major orientations in the history of philosophy from the standpoint of their bearing on the confrontation with nihilism.

Part 1: Religion, Philosophy, and Nihilism

Full Lecture (Video)

Part 2: Flaws in the Human Condition

Full Lecture (Video)

Part 3: Directions in the Spiritual History of Mankind

Full Lecture (Video)

Part 4: The Overcoming of the World

Full Lecture (Video)

Part 5: The Humanization of the World

Full Lecture (Video)

Part 6: The Struggle with the World

Full Lecture (Video)

Part 7: The Religion of the Future

Full Lecture (Video)

The Economic Crisis and the Failing Recovery

Two videos criticizing the stimulus obsessed response to the economic crisis of 2007-2009 and to subsequent failing recovery. Proposes a different way to think about them and to them.

The Trouble with Economics

Two videos on what is wrong with economics and how to fix it.

Misusing Keynes

A series of three videos criticizing Keynes and Keynesianism from a progressive standpoint and suggesting another direction.

The Revolutionary Project of Social Theory

The task of social theory in light of the past of social theory and of the present of social science.

What Progressives Should Propose

Outline of a programmatic vision, committed to institutional reconstruction, to be embraced by progressives and leftists, in contrast to the present institutionally conservative or empty forms of progressivism and leftism.

The New Old Faith and the Old New Paganism

Contrasts ideas lying at the heart of the revolutionary orthodoxy of the West, in both its Christian and its secular humanist form, to the paganism embraced in many currents of contemporary thought, among which the philosophy of late Heidegger.

Against the Hegelian and the Sartrean Heresies

The view of self and structure lying at the center of the revolutionary orthodoxy of the West, contrasted to misdirections labeled as Hegelian and Sartrean heresies.